Ready to take your tech project from idea to a well oiled machine?

It’s no secret that taking a technically based project from vision to completion can often stall out. Maybe you don’t know how to code. Maybe you don’t know database design. And maybe – you just have a problem that you know there could be a savvy tech system built to fix – but you haven’t a clue where you’d start.

These days there are specialists for everything, it seems.

But when you’re just starting out, you really need someone with a knack for seeing the whole picture. Someone who can see your problem and envision how to create an elegantly simple solution. When you’re ready to work with a consultant who can take your vision and create a smoothly running system that lets you get back to focusing on your business, you’re ready to meet Faber.

Who’s Faber?

Faber Fedor is a computer consultant with experience spanning from NASA to IBM and more. (read more)

Why Choose Faber?

It’s not every day you come across someone with the breadth of experience that Faber has (read more)

Work With Faber

Faber has a 4 week waiting list of clients – sign up here to be notified when he is available to work on your project.

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